Chemistry- Raymond Chang – 10th Edition


From the first edition, my aim has been to write a general chemistry text that provides a firm foundation in chemical concepts and principles and to instill in students an appreciation of the vital part chemistry plays in our daily life. It is the responsibility of the textbook author to assist both instructors and their students in their pursuit of this objective by presenting a broad range of topics in a logical manner.

I have tried to strike a balance between theory and application and to illustrate basic principles with everyday examples whenever possible. In this tenth edition, as in previous editions, my goal is to create a text that is clear in explaining abstract concepts, concise so that it does not overburden students with unnecessary extraneous information, yet comprehensive enough so that it prepares students to move on to the next level of learning.

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  • 1. Chemistry
    2. Atoms, molecules and ions
    3. Mass reactions in chemical reactions
    4. Reactions in aqueous solution
    5. Gases
    6. Thermo chemistry
    8. Periodic relationships between the elements
    9. Chemical Linkage I: Basics
    10. Chemical bond II: Molecular geometry and hybridization of atomic orbitals
    11. Intermolecular and liquid and solid forces
    12. Physical Properties of Solutions
    13. Chemical kinetics
    14. Chemical equilibrium
    15. Acids and bases
    16. Acid-base equilibria and solubility equilibria
    17. Chemistry in the atmosphere
    18. Entropy, energy Umbria and balance
    19. Electrochemistry
    20. Metallurgy and the chemistry of metals
    21. Non-metallic elements and their compounds
    22. Chemistry of transition metals and coordination compounds
    23. Nuclear chemistry
    24. Organic Chemistry
    25. Synthetic and natural organic polymers

    APPENDIX 1. Derivation of element names
    APPENDIX 2. Units for the gas constant
    APPENDIX 3. Thermodynamic data at 1 atm and 25 ° C
    APPENDIX 4. Mathematical Operations

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