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  • Thanks to the man who made the pdf of the book and uploaded here. Anyway, This link is working..

    Istiak Ahmed
  • i am wonderfully thankful for this site.

  • This book is very important and I will love to have it..

    Sheriff Vandy Mustapha
  • great site well stock with great books.

  • thank you! This book is well written. I really enjoy the very thorough examples given through every chapter of the book, as they are easy to follow and understand..

  • Very good Recommend highly..

  • Timoshenko is a legend in the vibration engineering world, and now I understand why. There are some things in his book that are over my head, but I am able to grasp the concept nonetheless. His insight, combined with the straightforward way he presents the material, are truly a benefit for me, my ca.

    Lamar Salas
  • excellent website for books, the book contains numerous tables and graphs in the back of the book which are very handy while studying the subject and are easy to follow and understand..