Engineering Circuit Analysis – William H. Hayt – 6th Edition


This text has a great trajectory as an aid in the understanding of the analysis of linear circuits. The sixth edition continues along the same lines, that is, it maintains the philosophy that problem solving can be fun. The concepts of electrical engineering are clarified through the use of practical examples and extensive explanations, as well as the incorporation of new material.

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  • Chapter 1 Circuit Analysis and Electrical Engineering
    Chapter 2 Basic Components and Electric Circuits
    Chapter 3 Voltage and Current Laws
    Chapter 4 Basic Nodal and Mesh Analysis
    Chapter 5 Useful Circuit Analysis Techniques
    Chapter 6 The Operational Amplifier
    Chapter 7 Capacitators and Inductors
    Chapter 8 Basic RL and RC Circuits
    Chapter 9 The RL and RC Circuits
    Chapter 10 Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis
    Chapter 11 AC Power Circuit Analysis
    Chapter 12 Polyphase Circuits
    Chapter 13 Magnetically Coupled Circuits
    Chapter 14 Complex Frequency and the Laplace Transform
    Chapter 15 Circuit Analysis in the s-Domain
    Chapter 16 Frequency Response
    Chapter 17 Two-Port Networks
    Chapter 18 Fourier Circuit Analysis
    Chapter 19 State-Variable Analysis (web only)
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