General Chemistry – Ralph H. Petrucci – 8th Edition


While there is a great deal of convergence about the concepts taught in a one year general chemistry course, the way those principles are taught, to what depth, and the kind of vocabulary used in teaching them varies from text to text. This allows the authors to focus their teaching in ways appropriate to different kinds of students.

This text is geared towards a one year course in general chemistry for students going on to careers in engineering, biology, and other technical fields. The vocabulary of the text is adapted to build up comfort with the technical terms of chemistry and familiarity in working with formulae rather than being content with intuitions about chemistry. It also has a nice addition of the actual people whose names are given to various laws and concepts in chemistry. When the name is presented there is also a picture and a sentence or two about who they were. I enjoyed this a great deal because it brings the text to life a bit more.

This is an excellent text for students who have had at least a bit of chemistry before tackling this course. And for technical students it will be more rewarding than other more basic texts even though they both cover similar ground. The more technical approach taken here will be more enriching to them.

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  • 01 Matter - Its Properties and Measurement
    02 Atoms and the Atomic Theory
    03 Chemical Compounds
    04 Chemical Reactions
    05 Introduction to Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
    06 Gases
    07 Thermochemistry
    08 The Atmospheric Gases and Hydrogen
    09 Electrons in Atoms
    10 The Periodic Table and Some Atomic Properties
    11 Chemical Bonding I: Basic Concepts
    12 Chemical Bonding II: Additional Aspects
    13 Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces
    14 Solutions and Their Physical Properties
    15 Chemical Kinetics
    16 Principles of Chemical Equilibrium
    17 Acids and Bases
    18 Additional Aspects of Acid-Base Equilibria
    19 Solubility and Complex-Ion Equilibria
    20 Spontaneous Change: Entropy and Free Energy
    21 Electrochemistry
    22 Main-Group Elements I: Metals
    23 Main-Group Elements II: Nonmetals
    24 The Transition Elements
    25 Complex Ions and Coordination Compounds
    26 Nuclear Chemistry
    27 Organic Chemistry
    28 Chemistry of the Living State
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