Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – W. F. Stoecker, J. W. Jones – 2nd Edition


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is a comprehensive book for undergraduate mechanical, automobile and aerospace engineers. The book is designed for a single semester introductory course in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

It covers heat transfer, psychrometry, heating and cooling load calculations, air conditioning systems, fan and duct systems, pumps and piping and other relevant topics. It gives readers a complete understanding of the fundamentals and helps them develop a working knowledge of the calculations involved. The book is an indispensable resource for all students learning the principles of refrigeration and air conditioning.

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  • Machine derived contents note: Chapter 1: Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    Chapter 2: Thermal Principles
    Chapter 3: Psychrometry and Wetted Surface Heat Transfer
    Chapter 4: Load Calculations
    Chapter 5: Air Conditioning Systems
    Chapter 6: Fan and Duct Systems
    Chapter 7: Pumps and Piping
    Chapter 8: Cooling and Dehumidifying Coils
    Chapter 9: Air Conditioning Control
    Chapter 10: The Vapor-Compression Cycle
    Chapter 11: Compressors
    Chapter 12: Condensers and Evaporators
    Chapter 13: Expansion Devices
    Chapter 14: Vapor Compression System Analysis
    Chapter 15: Refrigerants
    Chapter 16: Multipressure Systems
    Chapter 17: Absorption Refrigeration
    Chapter 18: Heat Pumps
    Chapter 19: Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers
    Chapter 20: Solar Energy
    Chapter 21: Acoustics and Noise Control
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