Introduction To Computers – Peter Norton – 6th Edition


This book assumes that you have never used a computer before or that your experience with the computer has been very short. If so, you may need to learn some basic computer skills before continuing with this course.

This prerequisites section presents basic skills, using illustrations to help you recognize and remember the hardware or software involved in each skill. Some of these skills are covered in more detail in other units of this book. In some cases, references that refer to more information are included.

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  • Chapter 1: Introducing Computer Systems
    Lesson 1A: Exploring Computers and Their Uses
    Lesson IB : Lookina Inside the Computer Svstem

    Chapter 2: Interaction with Your Computer
    Lesson 2A: Using the Kevboard and Mouse
    Lesson 2B: Inputting Data in Other Wavs

    Chapter 3: Secinq, Hearing, and Printin Data
    Lesson 3A video and sounds
    Lesson 3B: Printinq

    Chanter 4: Processing Data
    Lesson 4A: Transfbrmina Data into Information
    Lesson 4B: Modem CPUs Ufi Lesson

    Chapter 5, Storina Data
    Lesson SA: Types of Storaqe Devices
    Lesson SB: Measurinq and Improving
    Drive Performance

    Chapter 6: Usina Ooeratinu Systems
    Lesson 6A: Oporatinq Svstem Basics
    lesson 6B: Survev of PC and Network

    Chanter 7: Networks
    Lesson 7A: Networkinq Basics
    Lesson 7B: Data Communications

    Chapter 8 Presenting the Internet
    Lesson 8A: The Internet and the World
    Lesson 8B: E-Mail and Other Internet Services

    2 Chapter 0: Working in the Online World
    3 Lesson 9A: Connectinq to the Internet
    Lesson 9B: Doinq Business in the Online World

    Chapter 10: Workinq with Application Software
    Lesson 10A: Productivity Software
    Lesson 10B: Graphics and Multimedia

    Chapter 11: Database Management
    Lesson 11 A: Database Manaqement Systems
    Lesson 11B: Survey of Database Systems

    124 Chanter 12: Software Proaramminq and Development
    Lesson 12A: Creating Computer Proqrams
    Lesson 12B: Proaramminq Lanauaoes and the Proqramminq Process

    Chanter 13: Protectina Your Privacy.
    Your Computer, and Your Data
    Lesson 13A: Understanding the Need for
    Lesson 13B: Takina Protective Measures

    Appendix A: Creating Your Own Web Paae
    Appendix B: Buyinq Your First Computer
    Appendix C: Computer Viruses
    Annendix D: History of Microcomputers
    Appendix E: Self-Check Answers
  • Citation
    • Full Title: Introduction To Computers
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0070593744
    • ISBN-13: 9780070593749
    • Edition: 6th Edition
    • Publication date: 2008
    • Topic: Computer
    • Subtopic: Theory Of Computation
    • File Type: eBook
    • Idioma: English

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