Quantitative Chemical Analysis – Daniel C. Harris Michelson – 8th Edition


Quantitative Chemical Analysis (QCA) is the best-selling textbook of choice for analytical chemistry. It continues to offer a consistently modern portrait of chemical analysis tools and techniques, incorporating real data, spreadsheets, and a host of applications.

The material is presented in a pleasing style that engages students without compromising the principles and depth necessary for extremely thorough and practical understanding. The eighth edition features new coverage of spectroscopy and statistics, to keep information on these analytical tools completely relevant and up-to-date.

You also have content and app updates around the clock, especially in the increasingly important areas of nanotechnology and environmental chemistry. In addition, new pedagogy has been included, particularly new boxed applications and problem-solving questions, as well as better teacher support.

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  • Chapter 0 The analytical process
    Chapter 1 Measurements
    Chapter 2 Tools of the trade
    Chapter 3 Experimental Error
    Chapter 4 Static
    Chapter 5 Quality assurance and calibration methods
    Chapter 6 Chemical equilibrium
    Chapter 7 Activity and systematic treatment of balance.
    Chapter 8 Monoprotic acid-base balance
    Chapter 9 Polyprobic acid-base balance
    Chapter 10 Acid-Base Throws
    Chapter 11 EDTA throws
    Chapter 12 Advanced balance issues
    Chapter 13: Fundamentals of electrochemistry
    Chapter 14: Electrodes and Potentiometry
    Chapter 15: Redox Titles
    Chapter 16: Electroanalytical Techniques
    Chapter 17: Fundamentals of spectrophotometry
    Chapter 18: Spectrophotometry Applications
    Chapter 19: Spectrophotometers
    Chapter 20: Atomic Spectroscopy
    Chapter 21 Mass Spectrometry
    Chapter 22 Introduction to analytical separations
    Chapter 23 Gas Chromatography
    Chapter 24 High performance liquid chromatography
    Chapter 25 Chromatographic methods and capillary electrophoresis.
    Chapter 26: Gravimetric analysis, precipitation runs and combustion analysis.
    Chapter 27 Sample Preparation
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