Polymer Chemistry – Sebastian Koltzenburg, Michael Maskos, Oskar Nuyken – 1st Edition


This comprehensive textbook describes the synthesis, characterization and technical and engineering applications of polymers. Offering a broad and balanced introduction to the basic concepts of macromolecular chemistry and to the synthesis and physical chemistry of polymers, it is the ideal text for graduate students and advanced Masters students starting out in polymer science. Building on the basic principles of organic chemistry and thermodynamics, it provides an easily understandable and highly accessible introduction to the topic.

Step by step, readers will obtain a detailed and well-founded understanding of this vibrant and increasingly important subject area at the intersection between chemistry, physics, engineering and the life sciences.

Following an approach different from many other textbooks in the field, the authors, with their varying backgrounds (both from academia and industry), offer a new perspective. Starting with a clear and didactic introduction, the book discusses basic terms and sizes and shapes of polymers and macromolecules. There then follow chapters dedicated to polymers in solutions, molar mass determination, and polymers in the solid state, incl. (partially) crystalline or amorphous polymers as well as their application as engineering materials.

Based on this information, the authors explain the most important polymerization methods and techniques. Often neglected in other textbooks, there are chapters on technical polymers, functional polymers, elastomers and liquid crystalline polymers, as well as polymers and the environment. An overview of current trends serves to generate further interest in present and future developments in the field.

This book is the English translation of the successful German textbook “Polymere”, which was awarded the Chemical Industry in Germany’s 2015 literature Prize (“Literaturpreis des Fonds der Chemischen Industrie”) for its innovative, novel approach, and its good accessibility and readability, while at the same time providing comprehensive coverage of the field of polymer science.

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction and Basic Concepts
    Chapter 2. Polymers in Solution
    Chapter 3. Polymer Analysis: Molar Mass Determination
    Chapter 4. Polymers in Solid State
    Chapter 5. Partially Crystalline Polymers
    Chapter 6. Amorphous Polymers
    Chapter 7. Polymers as Materials
    Chapter 8. Step-growth Polymerization
    Chapter 9. Radical Polymerization
    Chapter 10. Ionic Polymerization
    Chapter 11. Coordination Polymerization
    Chapter 12. Ring-opening Polymerization
    Chapter 13. Copolymerization
    Chapter 14. Important Polymers Produced
    Chapter 15. Chemistry with Polymers
    Chapter 16. Industrially Relevant Polymerization Processes
    Chapter 17. The Basics of Plastics Processing
    Chapter 18. Elastomers
    Chapter 19. Functional Polymers
    Chapter 20. Liquid Crystalline Polymers
    Chapter 21. Polymers and the Environment
    Chapter 22. Current Trends in Polymer Science
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