Fertilizer Manual – Kluwer Academic Publishers – 1st Edition


A fertilizer is a material that furnishes one or more of the chemical elements necessary for the proper development and growth of plants. The most important fertilizers are fertilizer products (also called chemical or mineral fertilizers), manures, and plant residues. A fertilizer product is a material produced by industrial processes with the specific purpose of being used as a fertilizer. Fertilizer are essential in todays agricultural system to replace the elements extracted from the soil in the form of food and other agricultural products.

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  • 1. General Concepts, Classification, Terminology, and Definitions.
    2. The Role of Fertilizers in Agriculture.
    3. Status of the Fertilizer Industry.
    4. Outlook for the Fertilizer Industry, 1995-2005.
    5. Fertilizer Raw Materials and Reserves.
    6. Production of Ammonia.
    7. Transportation and Storage of Ammonia.
    8. Nitric Acid, Nitrates, and Ammonium Salts.
    9. Urea.
    10. Liquid Fertilizers and Nitrogen Solutions.
    11. Sulfuric and Phosphoric Acids.
    12. Fertilizers Derived from Phosphoric Acid.
    13. Nitrophosphate Fertilizers.
    14. Other Phosphate Fertilizers.
    15. Potash Fertilizers.
    16. Compound Fertilizers.
    17. Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients.
    18. Physical Properties of Fertilizers.
    19. Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention.
    20. Planning for the Development of a Fertilizer Industry.
    21. Economics of Fertilizer Manufacture.
    22. Challenges Facing the Fertilizer Industry.
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