Mechanism and Dynamics of Machinery – Hamilton H. Mabie, Charles F. Reinholtz – 4th Edition


This fourth edition has been totally revised and updated with many additions and major changes. The material has been reorganized to match better the sequence of topics typically covered in an undergraduate course on kinematics. Text includes the use of iterative methods for linkage position analysis and matrix methods for force analysis. BASIC-language computer programs have been added throughout the book to demonstrate the simplicity and power of computer methods. All BASIC programs listed in the text have also been coded in FORTRAN.

Major revisions in this edition include: a new section on mobility; updated section on constant-velocity joints; advanced methods of cam-motion specification; latest AGMA standards for U.S. and metric gears; a new section on methods of force analysis; new section on tasks of kinematic synthesis; and a new chapter covering spatial mechanisms and robotics.

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Linkages and Mechanisms
    Chapter 3. Cams
    Chapter 4. Spur Gears
    Chapter 5. Nonstandard Spur Gears
    Chapter 6. Bevel, Helical, and Worm Gearing
    Chapter 7. Gear Trains
    Chapter 8. Velocity and Acceleration Analysis
    Chapter 9. Force Analysis of Machinery
    Chapter 10. Balance of Machinery
    Chapter 11. Introduction to Synthesis
    Chapter 12. Spatial Mechanisms and Robotics

    Answers to Problems
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