Materials and Processes in Manufacturing – DeGarmo, Black, Kohser – 10th Edition


Through nine highly successful editions, DeGarmo, Black and Kohser’s have built a strong reputation for their very clear presentation and an eminently practical approach to materials and processes in manufacturing.
  Now in this new edition, the tenth; completely revised and updated to reflect all current practices, standards and materials, this tenth edition covers manufacturing processes, manufacturing systems and materials for manufacturing.

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction to DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing.
    Chapter 2. Properties of Materials.
    Chapter 3. Nature of Metals and Alloys.
    Chapter 4. Equilibrium Phase Diagrams and the Iron-Carbon System.
    Chapter 5. Heat Treatment.
    Chapter 6. Ferrous Metals and Alloys.
    Chapter 7. Nonferrous Metals and Alloys.
    Chapter 8. Nonmetallic Materials: Plastics, Elastomers, Ceramics, and Composites.
    Chapter 9. Material Selection.
    Chapter 10. Measurement and Inspection and Testing.
    Chapter 11. Fundamentals of Casting.
    Chapter 12. Expendable-Mold Casting Processes.
    Chapter 13. Multiple-Use-Mold Casting Processes.
    Chapter 14. Fabrication of Plastics, Ceramics, and Composites.
    Chapter 15. Fundamentals of Metal Forming.
    Chapter 16. Bulk Forming Processes.
    Chapter 17. Sheet-Forming Processes.
    Chapter 18. Powder Metallurgy.
    Chapter 19. Electronic Electrochemical Chemical and Thermal Machining Processes.
    Chapter 20. Fundamentals of Machining/Orthogonal Machining.
    Chapter 21. Cutting Tools for Machining.
    Chapter 22. Turning and Boring Processes.
    Chapter 23. Drilling and Related Hole-Making Processes.
    Chapter 24. Milling.
    Chapter 25. Workholding Devices for Machine Tools.
    Chapter 26. Numerical Control (NC) and the A (4) Level of Automation.
    Chapter 27. Other Machining Processes.
    Chapter 28. Abrasive Machining Processes.
    Chapter 29. Thread and Gear Manufacturing.
    Chapter 30. Fundamentals of Joining.
    Chapter 31. Gas Flame and Arc Processes.
    Chapter 32. Resistance and Solid-State Welding Processes.
    Chapter 33. Other Welding Processes, Brazing and Soldering.
    Chapter 34. Adhesive Bonding, Mechanical Fastening, and Joining of Nonmetals.
    Chapter 35. Surface Engineering.
    Chapter 36. Quality Engineering.
    Chapter 37. Manufacturing Automation (web-based chapter).
    Chapter 38. The Enterprise (web-based chapter).
    Chapter 39. Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Fabrication (web-based chapter).
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