Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics – Richard E. Sonntag, Claus Borgnakke – 2nd Edition


A focused look at the principles and applications of thermodynamics Offering a concise, highly focused approach, and Borgnakke's Introduction to Thermodynamics, 2nd Edition is ideally suited for a one-semester course or the first course in a thermal-fluid sciences sequence. Based on their highly successful text, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics, 2nd Edition covers both fundamental principles and practical applications in a more -friendly format.

The authors guide , from readily measured thermodynamic properties through basic concepts like internal , entropy, and the first and second laws, up through brief coverage of psychrometrics, power cycles, and an introduction to combustion and heat transfer. Highlights of the Second Edition New chapter on . Revised coverage of heat transfer, with a stronger emphasis on applications.

New Concept Checkpoints, which allow students to test themselves on how well they understand concepts just presented. How-to sections at the end of most chapters, which answer commonly asked questions. Revised examples, illustrations, and homework problems, as well as a large number of new problems. ThermoNet tutorials, with accompanying graphics, animations, and video clips. Available online with the registration code in this text. Computer-Aided Thermodynamic 2 Software (CATT2) by Claus Borgnakke, provides automated table lookup and interpolation of property data for a wide variety of substances. Available for on the text's website.

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  • 1. Some Introductory Comments.
    2. Some Concepts and Definitions.
    3. Properties of a Pure Substance.
    4. Work and Heat.
    5. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
    6. First-Law Analysis for a Control Volume.
    7. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    8. Entropy.
    9. Second-Law Analysis for a Control Volume.
    10. Gas Mixtures.
    11. Power and Refrigeration Systems.
    12. Chemical Reactions.
    13. Introduction to Heat Transfer.

    Appendix A: SI Units: Single-State Properties.
    Appendix B: SI Units: Thermodynamic Tables.
    Appendix C: Ideal Gas Specific Heat.
    Appendix D: Equations of State.
    Appendix E: Figures.
    Appendix F: English Unit Supplement.
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