Thermal Physics – Charles Kittel, Herbert Kroemer – 2nd Edition


For higher division courses in thermodynamics or statistical mechanics, Kittel and Kroemer offer a modern approach to thermal physics that is based on the idea that all physical systems can be described in terms of their discrete quantum states, rather than resorting to to the classic nineteenth century. Mechanics concepts. This book gives an elementary account of thermal physics. The theme is simple, the methods are powerful and the results have wide applications. Probably no other physical theory is used more widely in science and engineering.

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  • Introduction
    Chapter 1. States of a model system
    Chapter 2. Entropy and temperature
    Chapter 3. Boltzmann distribution and Helmholtz
    Chapter 4. thermal radiation and Planck distribution
    Chapter 5. Chemical potential and Gibbs distribution
    Chapter 6. Ideal gas
    Chapter 7. Fermi and Bose gases
    Chapter 8. Hear and work
    Chapter 9. Gibbs free energy and chemical reactions
    Chapter 10. Phase transformations
    Chapter 11. Binary mixture
    Chapter 12. Cryogenics
    Chapter 13. Semiconductor statics
    Chapter 14. Kinetic theory
    Chapter 15. Propagation
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