Digital Design with An Introduction to the Verilog HDL – M. Morris Mano, Michael D. Ciletti – 6th Edition


A clear and accessible approach to the basic tools, concepts, and of digital design. A modern update to a classic, authoritative text, Digital Design, 5th Edition teaches the fundamental concepts of in a clear, accessible manner. The text presents the basic for the design of digital circuits and provides suitable for a variety of digital applications.

Like the previous editions, this edition of supports a multimodal approach to learning, with a focus on digital design, regardless of language. Recognizing that three public-domain languages-Verilog, VHDL, and SystemVerilog-all play a role in design flows for today’s digital devices, the 5th Edition offers parallel tracks of presentation of multiple languages, but allows concentration on a single, chosen language.

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  • 1. Digital Systems and Binary Numbers
    2. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
    3. Gate Level Minimization
    4. Combinational Logic
    5. Synchronous Sequential Logic
    6. Registers and Counters
    7. Memory and Programmable Logic
    8. Design at the Register Transfer Level
    9. Laboratory Experiments with Standard ICs and FPGAs
    10. Standard Graphic Symbols
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