Digital & Analog Communication Systems – Leon W. Couch – 7th Edition


Digital & Analog Communication Systems For junior- to senior-level introductory communication systems courses for undergraduates, or an introductory graduate course.

This revision of Couch’s authoritative text provides the latest treatment of digital communication systems. The author balances coverage of both digital and analog communication systems, with an emphasis on design. Students will gain a working knowledge of both classical mathematical and personal computer methods to analyze, design, and simulate modern communication systems. MATLAB is integrated throughout.

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  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Signals and Spectra.
    3. Baseband Pulse and Digital Signaling.
    4. Bandpass Signaling Principles and Circuits.
    5. AM, FM and Digital Modulated Systems.
    6. Random Processes and Spectral Analysis.
    7. Performance of Communication Systems Corrupted by Noise.
    8. Case Studies of Communication Systems.
    Appendix A: Mathematical Techniques, Identities, and Tables.
    Appendix B: Probability and Random Variables.
    Appendix C: Standards and Terminology for Computer Communications.
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