Fundamentals of Electronic Circuit Design – David J. Comer, Donald T. Comer – 1st Edition


This brief alternative to traditionally sequenced texts presents the fundamental principles of modern electronic circuit design. It features all the breadth of coverage you would find in a larger text, but at a depth that makes it easy to cover in one semester.

The authors focus on modern, integrated circuit design and concentrate on two devices that are used in practice today: the metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) and the bipolar junction transistor (BJT). Throughout, the text emphasizes a practical, applied approach with a strong emphasis on design. A second volume is available that includes advanced topics.

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    1. - Introducción a la electrónica

    2. - Aplicaciones de los circuitos electrónicos

    3. - Módulos de amplificadores y respuesta en frecuencia

    4. - El modelado y el amplificador operacional

    5. - El diodo semiconductor y el modelado no lineal

    6. - El MOSFET

    7. - El BJT

    8. - Diseño de circuitos integrados

    9. - Diseño de circuitos integrados con el MOSFET

    10. - Diseño de circuitos integrados con el BJT

    11. - La etapa diferencial y el amp op

    12. - Amplificadores con retroalimentación

    13. - Circuitos de señal grande

    14. - Circuitos lógicos básicos con CMOS

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