Thomas’ Calculus Part 2 (Multiple Variable) – George Thoma’s – 11th Edition


The new edition of Thomas is a return to what Thomas has always been: the book with the best exercises. For the 11th edition, the authors have added exercises cut in the 10th edition, as well as, going back to the classic 5th and 6th editions for additional exercises and examples.The book’s theme is that Calculus is about thinking; one cannot memorize it all.

The exercises develop this theme as a pivot point between the lecture in class, and the understanding that comes with applying the ideas of Calculus.In addition, the table of contents has been refined to match the standard syllabus. Many of the examples have been trimmed of distractions and rewritten with a clear focus on the main ideas. The authors have also excised extraneous information in general and have made the technology much more transparent.The ambition of Thomas 11e is to teach the ideas of Calculus so that students will be able to apply them in new and novel ways, first in the exercises but ultimately in their careers. Every effort has been made to insure that all content in the new edition reinforces thinking and encourages deep understanding of the material.

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  • Chapter 10 Conic sections and polar coordinates
    Chapter 11 Incidents and infinite series
    Chapter 12 The vectors and the geometry of space
    Chapter 13 Functions with vector values and movement in space
    Chapter 14 Partial Derivatives
    Chapter 15 Multiple integrals
    Chapter 16 Integration in Vector Fields.
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