Calculus: A Complete Course – Robert A. Adams – 6th Edition


Robert A. Adams: Calculus is intended for the three semester calculus course. Classroom proven in North America and abroad, this classic text has been praised for its high level of mathematical integrity including complete and precise statements of theorems, use of geometric reasoning in applied problems, and the diverse range of applications across the sciences.

The Sixth Edition features a full, separate chapter on differential equations and numerous updated Maple examples throughout the text.

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  • Preliminaries
    1. Limits and Continuity
    2. Differentiation
    3. Transcendental Functions
    4. Some Applications of Derivatives
    5. Integration
    6. Techniques of Integration
    7. Applications of Integration
    8. Conics, Parametric Curves, and Polar Curves
    9. Sequences, Series, and Power Series
    10. Vectors and Coordinate Geometry in 3-Space
    11. Vector Functions and Curves
    12. Partial Differentiation
    13. Applications of Partial Derivatives
    14. Multiple Integration
    15. Vector Fields
    16. Vector Calculus
    17. Ordinary Differential Equations

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