Calculus One and Several Variables – Salas, Hille, Etgen – 10th Edition


For ten editions, readers have turned to Salas to learn the difficult concepts of calculus without sacrificing rigor. Wiley is proud to publish a new revision of Calculus: One and Several Variables 10th Edition, known for its elegant writing style, precision and perfect balance of theory and applications. The Tenth Edition is refined to offer students an even clearer understanding of calculus and insight into mathematics. It includes a wealth of rich problem sets which makes calculus relevant for students. Salas/Hille/Etgen is recognized for its mathematical integrity, accuracy, and clarity that will help readers master these concepts and understand their relevance to the real world.

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  • Chapter 1: Precalculation Review
    Chapter 2: Limits and Continuity
    Chapter 3: The derivative, the process of differentiation
    Chapter 4: The Mean Value Theorem
    Chapter 5: Integration
    Chapter 6: Some Applications of the Integral
    Chapter 7: The Transcendent Functions
    Chapter 8: Integration Techniques
    Chapter 9: Differential Equations
    Chapter 10: Conic Sections; polar coordinates, parametric
    Chapter 11: Sequences, indeterminate forms, improper integrals
    Chapter 12: Infinite Series
    Chapter 13: Vectors
    Chapter 14: Vector Calculation
    Chapter 15: Functions of Multiple Variables
    Chapter 16: Gradients; extreme values; Differentials
    Chapter 17: Multiple Integrals
    Chapter 18: Line Integrals and Surface Integrals
    Chapter 19: Elementary Differential Equations
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