Calculus – James Stewart – 6th Edition


Stewart’s CALCULUS, FOURTH EDITION reflects the same old-world dedication to excellence that characterized the first three editions. It has been revised with dedication, precision, and patient care to further emphasize conceptual understanding.

A phenomenon of the Stewart success is the texts’ use in such a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the world. Just as he teaches to every student in his classes from the most unprepared to the most mathematically gifted, Stewart writes to a range of students – adding the explanations that make ideas come alive as well as the problems that challenge. Stewart’s heuristic examples reveal calculus to students. His examples stand out because they are not just models for problem solving or a means of demonstrating techniques – they also encourage students to develop an analytic view of the subject.

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  • Chapter 1: Functions And Models
    Chapter 2: Limits And Rates Of Change
    Chapter 3: Derivatives
    Chapter 4: Applications Of Differentiation
    Chapter 5: Integrals
    Chapter 6: Applications Of Integration
    Chapter 7: Inverse Functions: Exponential, Logarithmic, And Inverse Trigonometric
    Chapter 8: Techniques Of Integration
    Chapter 9: Further Applications Of Integration
    Chapter 10: Differential Equations
    Chapter 11: Parametric Equations And Polar Coordinates
    Chapter 12: Infinite Sequences And Series
    Chapter 13: Vectors And The Geometry Of Space
    Chapter 14: Vector Functions
    Chapter 15: Partial Derivatives
    Chapter 16: Multiple Integrals
    Chapter 17: Vector Calculus
    Chapter 18: Second-Order Differential Equations
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