Physics for Scientists and Engineers – Raymond A. Serway – 4th Edition


Achieve success in your physics course by making the most of what PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS has to offer you. From a host of in-text features to a range of outstanding technology resources, you’ll have everything you need to understand the natural forces and principles of physics. Throughout every chapter, the authors have built in a wide range of examples, exercises, and illustrations that will help you understand the laws of physics AND succeed in your course!

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  • Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement
    Chapter 2: Motion in One Dimension
    Chapter 3: Vectors
    Chapter 4: Motion in Two Dimensions
    Chapter 5: The Laws of Motion
    Chapter 6: Circular Motion and Other Applications of Newton's Laws
    Chapter 7: Energy and Energy Transfer
    Chapter 8: Potential Energy
    Chapter 9: Linear Momentum and Collisions
    Chapter 10: Rotation of a Rigid Object About a Fixed Axis
    Chapter 11: Angular Momentum
    Chapter 12: Static Equilibrium and Elasticity
    Chapter 13: Universal Gravitation
    Chapter 14: Fluid Mechanics
    Chapter 15: Oscillatory Motion
    Chapter 16: Wave Motion
    Chapter 17: Sound Waves
    Chapter 18: Superposition and Standing Waves
    Chapter 19: Temperature
    Chapter 20: Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics
    Chapter 21: The Kinetic Theory of Gases
    Chapter 22: Heat Engines, Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
    Chapter 23: Electric Fields
    Chapter 24: Gauss's Law
    Chapter 25: Electric Potential
    Chapter 26: Capacitance and Dielectrics
    Chapter 27: Current and Resistance
    Chapter 28: Direct Electric Circuits
    Chapter 29: Magnetic Fields
    Chapter 30: Sources of the Magnetic Field
    Chapter 31: Faraday's Law
    Chapter 32: Inductance
    Chapter 33: Alternating Current Circuits
    Chapter 34: Electromagnetic Waves
    Chapter 35: The Nature of Light and the Laws of Geometric Optics
    Chapter 36: Image Formation
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