Physics – Giambattista, Richardson, Richardson – 2nd Edition


Physics 2nd edition is an alternate version of the College Physics 3rd edition text by Giambattista / Richardson / Richardson. The key difference is that Physics covers kinematics and forces in the more traditional organization of beginning with Kinematics and proceeding to forces. (College Physics takes an integrated approach to forces and kinematics, introducing forces and interweaving kinematics.)

Although the fundamental philosophy of the book has not changed, detailed feedback from almost 60 reviewers (many of whom used the first edition in the classroom) has enabled us to fine-tune our approach to make the text even more user-friendly, conceptually based, and relevant for students. The second edition also has some added features to further facilitate student learning.

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  • Part 1 Mechanics
    1 Introduction
    2 Force
    3 Acceleration and Newton's Second Law of Motion
    4 Motion with a Changing Velocity
    5 Circular Motion
    6 Conservation of Energy
    7 Linear Momentum
    8 Torque and Angular Momentum
    9 Fluids
    10 Elasticity and Oscillations
    11 Waves
    12 Sound

    Part 2 Thermal Physics
    13 Temperature and the Ideal Gas
    14 Heat
    15 Thermodynamics

    Part 3 Electromagnetism
    16 Electric Forces and Fields
    17 Electric Potential
    18 Electric Current and Circuits
    19 Magnetic Forces and Fields
    20 Electromagnetic Induction
    21 Alternating Current

    Part 4 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics
    22 Electromagnetic Waves
    23 Reflection and Refraction
    24 Optical Instruments
    25 Interference and Diffraction

    Part 5 Quantum and Particle Physics and Relativity
    26 Relativity
    27 Early Quantum Physics and the Photon
    28 Quantum Physics
    29 Nuclear Physics
    30 Particle Physics

    Appendix A Mathematical Review
    Appendix B Table of Selected Nuclides
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