Physics: Principles and Problems – Glencoe Science – 1st Edition


Physics: Principles and Problems provides integrated support, abundant opportunities for problem solving, and a variety of realistic applications.

Give your class new momentum with conceptual understanding, valuable math support, and problem-solving activities. Providing a total of 40 labs, the Laboratory Manual offers a traditional and/or open-ended lab for every chapter in Physics: Principles and Problems. Teachers may choose to add to labs offered in the student edition or use the Laboratory Manual in lieu of the text labs. It can also be used with any other physics program as a source of additional labs.

Offers unique Example Problems that include highly effective modeling with “coaching notes” to aid comprehension Integrates math support with point-of-use Problem-Solving Strategies, Connecting Math to Physics, and Challenge Problems features. Virtual Investigations provide highly interactive physics labs that support learning of key concepts.

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    1. What Is Physics?

    2. A Mathematical Toolkit

    3. Describing Motion

    4. Vector Addition

    5. A Mathematical Model Of Motion

    6. Forces

    7. Forces And Motion In Two Dimensions

    8. Universal Gravitation

    9. Momentum And Its Conservation

    10. Energy, Work, And Simple Machines

    11. Energy

    12. Thermal Energy

    13. States Of Matter

    14. Waves And Energy Transfer

    15. Sound

    16. Light

    17. Reflection And Refraction

    18. Mirrors And Lenses

    19. Diffraction And Interference Of Light

    20. Static Electricity

    21. Electric Fields

    22. Current Electricity

    23. Series And Parallel Circuits

    24. Magnetic Fields

    25. Electromagnetic Induction

    26. Electromagnetism

    27. Quantum Theory

    28. The Atom

    29. Solid State Electronics

    30. The Nucleus

    31. Nuclear Applications

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