University Physics with Modern Physics – Sears, Zemansky’s – 12th Edition – Vol.2


University Physics with Modern Physics, Twelfth Edition continues an unmatched history of innovation and careful execution that was established by the bestselling Eleventh Edition. Assimilating the best ideas from education research, this new edition provides enhanced problem-solving instruction, pioneering visual and conceptual pedagogy, the first systematically enhanced problems, and the most pedagogically proven and widely used homework and tutorial system available.

Using Young & Freedman’s research-based ISEE (Identify, Set Up, Execute, Evaluate) problem-solving strategy, students develop the physical intuition and problem-solving skills required to tackle the text’s extensive high-quality problem sets, which have been developed and refined over the past five decades. Incorporating proven techniques from educational research that have been shown to improve student learning, the figures have been streamlined in color and detail to focus on the key physics and integrate ‘chalkboard-style’ guiding commentary. Critically acclaimed ‘visual’ chapter summaries help students to consolidate their understanding by presenting each concept in words, math, and figures.

Renowned for its superior problems, the Twelfth Edition goes further. Unprecedented analysis of national student metadata has allowed every problem to be systematically enhanced for educational effectiveness, and to ensure problem sets of ideal topic coverage, balance of qualitative and quantitative problems, and range of difficulty and duration.

This is the standalone version of University Physics with Modern Physics, Twelfth Edition.

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  • Part I: Electromagnetism.
    Chapter 21: Electric charge and electric field.
    Chapter 22: Gauss's Law.
    Chapter 23: Electrical potential.
    Chapter 24: Capacitance and dielectrics.
    Chapter 25: Current, resistance and electromotive force.
    Chapter 26: Direct current circuits.
    Chapter 27: Magnetic field and magnetic forces.
    Chapter 28: Magnetic Field Sources.
    Chapter 29: Electromagnetic induction.
    Chapter 30: Inductance.
    Chapter 31: Alternating Current.
    Chapter 32: Electromagnetic waves.

    Part II: Optics

    Capítulo 33: Naturaleza y propagación de la luz.
    Capítulo 34: Óptica geométrica e instrumentos ópticos.
    Capítulo 35: Interferencia.
    Capítulo 36: Difracción.

    Parte III: Física moderna.

    Capítulo 37: Relatividad.
    Capítulo 38: Fotones, electrones y átomos.
    Capítulo 39: La naturaleza ondulatoria de las partículas.
    Capítulo 40: Mecánica cuántica.
    Capítulo 41: Estructura atómica.
    Capítulo 42: Moléculas y materia condensada.
    Capítulo 43: Física nuclear.
    Capítulo 44: Física de partículas y cosmología.


    Apéndice A: El sistema internacional de medidas.
    Apéndice B: relaciones matemáticas útiles.
    Apéndice C: El alfabeto griego.
    Apéndice D: Tabla periódica de los elementos.
    Apéndice E: Factores de conversión de unidades.
    Apéndice F: Constantes numéricas.
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