Microelectronic Circuits: Analysis and Design – Muhammad H. Rashid – 1st Edition


The author first introduces the student to the general characteristics of integrated circuits, to prepare him in the use of circuit design and analysis techniques. Later he makes a detailed study of devices and circuits and how they operate within integrated circuits.

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  • 1. Introduction To Electronics And Design
    2. Introduction To Amplifiers And Frequency Response
    3. Introduction To Operational Amplifiers And Applications
    4. Semiconductor Diodes
    5. Applications Of Diodes
    6. Semiconductors And Pn Junction Characteristics
    7. Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors
    8. Bipolar Junction Transistors And Amplifiers
    9. Differential Amplifiers
    10. Feedback Amplifiers
    11. Power Amplifiers
    12. Active Filters
    13. Oscillators
    14. Operational Amplifiers
    15. Introduction To Digital Electronics
    16. Integrated Analog Circuits And ApplicationsAppendix A: Introduction To Orcad

    Appendix B: Review Of Basic Circuits
    Appendix C: Low Frequency Hybrid Bjt Model
    Appendix D: Ebers-Moll Model Of Bipolar Junction Transistors
    Appendix E: Passive Components
    Appendix F: Design Problems
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