Microelectronic Circuits and Devices – Mark N. Horenstein – 2nd Edition


For courses in Introductory Electronics for students majoring in electrical, computer, and related engineering disciplines.

Using an innovative approach, this introduction to microelectronic circuits and devices views a circuit as an entire electronic system, rather than as a collection of individual devices. It provides students with the tools necessary to make intelligent choices in the design of analog and digital systems

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  • Ch. 1. Review of Linear Circuit Theory
    Ch. 2. Operational Amplifiers
    Ch. 3. Introduction to Nonlinear Circuit Elements
    Ch. 4. Signal Processing and Conditioning with Two-Terminal Nonlinear Devices
    Ch. 5. Three-Terminal Devices
    Ch. 6. Basic Circuits Containing Three-Terminal Devices
    Ch. 7. Analog Amplification
    Ch. 8. Differential Amplifiers
    Ch. 9. Frequency Response and Time-Dependent Circuit Behavior
    Ch. 10. Feedback and Stability
    Ch. 11. Multistage and Power Amplifiers
    Ch. 12. Analog Integrated Circuits
    Ch. 13. Active Filters and Oscillators
    Ch. 14. Digital Circuits
    Ch. 15. Fundamentals of Digital Systems
    Ch. 16. Electronic Design
    Appendix A Physics of Semiconductor Devices
    Appendix B Semiconductor Device and Integrated-Circuit Fabrication
    Appendix C Computer-Aided Circuit Design Using SPICE and PSpice
    Appendix D Resistor Color Codes and Standard Values
    Appendix E Suggestions for Further Reading.
    Appendix F Answers to Selected Problems.
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