Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences – Mary L Boas – 3rd Edition


Now in its third edition, Mathematical Concepts in the Physical Sciences provides a comprehensive introduction to the areas of mathematical physics. It combines all the essential math concepts into one compact, clearly written reference.

This is an excellent book for undergraduates in science and engineering. I would suggest this text without hesitation for anyone in the physical and mathematical sciences-physics, applied math, chemistry, mechanics, acoustics, etc. Also, this book is as `cookie-cutter’ as you want it to be. Just change some boundary conditions or make up some unique forcing functions and the section on PDEs becomes a lot of fun.

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  • 1. Infinite Series, Power Series.
    2. Complex Numbers.
    3. Linear Algebra.
    4. Partial Differentiation.
    5. Multiple Integrals.
    6. Vector Analysis.
    7. Fourier Series and Transforms.
    8. Ordinary Differential Equations.
    9. Calculus of Variations.
    10. Tensor Analysis.
    11. Special Functions.
    12. Legendre, Bessel, Hermite, and Laguerre functions.
    13. Partial Differential Equations.
    14. Functions of a Complex Variable.
    15. Probability and Statistics.

    Miscellaneous Problems.
    Answers to Selected Problems.
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