Probability, Statistics and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering – Alberto Leon-Garcia – 1st Edition


While helping students to develop their problem-solving skills, the author motivates students with practical applications from various areas of ECE that demonstrate the relevance of probability theory to engineering practice.

  • Chapter overviews: brief introduction outlining chapter coverage and learning objectives
  • Chapter summaries: concise, easy-reference sections providing quick overviews of each chapter’s major topics
  • Checklist of important terms
  • Annotated references: suggestions of timely resources for additional coverage of critical material
  • Numerous examples: a wide selection of fully worked-out real-world examples
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  • 1. Probability Models in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    2. Basic Concepts of Probability Theory.
    3. Random Variables.
    4. Multiple Random Variables.
    5. Sums of Random Variables and Long-Term Averages.
    6. Random Processes.
    7. Analysis and Processing of Random Signals.
    8. Markov Chains.
    9. Introduction to Queueing Theory.

    Appendix A. Mathematical Tables.
    Appendix B. Tables of Fourier Transformation.
    Appendix C. Computer Programs for Generating Random Variables.

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