Finite Element Procedures – Klaus-Jürgen Bathe – 2nd Edition


Finite element procedures are now an important and frequently indispensable part of engineering analyses and scientific investigations. This book focuses on finite element procedures that are very useful and are widely employed. Formulations for the linear and nonlinear analyses of solids and structures, fluids, and multiphysics problems are presented, appropriate finite elements are discussed, and solution techniques for the governing finite element equations are given.

The book presents general, reliable, and effective procedures that are fundamental and can be expected to be in use for a long time. The given procedures form also the foundations of recent developments in the field.

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  • 1. An Introduction to the Use of Finite Element Procedures.
    2. Vectors, Matrices and Tensors.
    3. Some Basic Concepts of Engineering Analysis and an Introduction to the Finite Element Methods.
    4. Formulation of the Finite Element Method - Linear Analysis in Solid and Structural Mechanics.
    5. Formulation and Calculation of Isoperimetric Finite Element Matrices.
    6. Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis in Solid and Structural Mechanics.
    7. Finite Element Analysis of Heat Transfer, Field Problems, and Incompressible Fluid Flows.
    8. Solution of Equilibrium Equations in State Analysis.
    9. Solution of Equilibrium Equations in Dynamic Analysis.
    10. Preliminaries to the Solution of Eigenproblems.
    11. Solution Methods for Eigenproblems.
    12. Implementation of the Finite Element Method.
  • Citation
    • Full Title: Finite Element Procedures
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0979004950
    • ISBN-13: 9780979004957
    • Edition: 2nd Edition
    • Publication date: 2014
    • Topic: Math
    • Subtopic: Numerical Methods
    • File Type: eBook
    • Idioma: English

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