Mathematical Methods for Physicists – Arfken & Weber – 6th Edition


This best-selling title of Arfken & Weber, provides in one handy volume the essential mathematical tools and techniques used to solve problems in physics. It is a vital addition to the bookshelf of any serious student of physics or research professional in the field. The authors have put considerable effort into revamping this new edition.

The book is used both as a reference and as a textbook for aspiring and practicing physicists. As a text it functions best at the graduate level, although it’s recommended often as a reference to an undergrad course, almost always in physics departments.

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  • 1. Vector Analysis
    2. Vector Analysis in Curved Coordinates and Tensors
    3. Determinants and Matrices
    4. Group Theory
    5. Infinite Series
    6. Functions of a Complex Variable I: Analytic Properties, Mapping
    7. Functions of a Complex Variable II
    8. The Gamma Function (Factorial Function)
    9. Differential Equations
    10. Strum-Liouville Theory-Orthogonal Functions
    11. Bessel Functions
    12. Legendre Functions
    13. More Special Functions
    14. Fourier Series
    15. Integral Transforms
    16. Integral Equations
    17. Calculus of Variations
    18. Nonlinear Methods and Chaos
    19. Probability
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