Fundamentals of Statistical Thermodynamics – Van Wylen – 6th Edition


During the last decades, Sonntag, Borgnakke and Van Wylen’s FUNDAMENTALS OF THERMODYNAMICS has been the main textbook in the field. Now updated and enhanced with many worked examples, task problems and illustrations, and a rich selection of web-based resources, the new Sixth Edition continues to present a complete and rigorous treatment of classical terminology, maintaining an engineering perspective The text lays the foundation for further studies in fields such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamic statistics, and prepares students to effectively apply thermodynamics in engineering practice.

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  • 1. Some Introductory Comments.
    2. Some Concepts and Definitions.
    3. Properties of a Pure Substance.
    4. Work and Heat.
    5. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
    6. First Law Analysis for a Control Volume.
    7. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    8. Entropy.
    9. Second Law Analysis for a Control Volume.
    10. Irreversibility and Availability.
    11. Power and Refrigeration Systems.
    12. Gas Mixtures.
    13. Thermodynamic Relations.
    14. Chemical Reactions.
    15. Introduction to Phase and Chemical Equilibrium.
    16. Compressible Flow.

    Contents of Appendix.

    Appendix A: SI Units: Single State Properties.
    Appendix B: SI Units: Thermodynamic Tables.
    Appendix C: Ideal-Gas Specific Heat.
    Appendix D: Equations of State.
    Appendix E: Figures.
    Appendix F: English Unit Tables.
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