Principles and Practices of Automatic Process Control – Carlos A. Smith, Armando B. Corripio – 3rd Edition


The main purpose of this book is to show the practice of automatic process control, together with the fundamental principles of control-automatic-process-theory-and-practice-control theory.

To this end, a good amount of analysis of chaos, problems and examples are taken directly from the experience of the authors as practitioners and as consultants in the area. In the opinion of the authors, although there are many good books dealing with the principles and theory of automatic process control, in most of them the practice of such principles is not provided to the reader.

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  • Chapter 1 - Introduction.
    Chapter 2 - Mathematics necessary for the analysis of control systems.
    Chapter 3 - Dynamic systems of the first order.
    Chapter 4 - Dynamic systems of higher order.
    Chapter 5 - Basic Components of Control Systems.
    Chapter 6 - Design of feedback control systems with a single circuit.
    Chapter 7 - Classic design of a feedback control system.
    Chapter 8 - Additional control techniques.
    Chapter 9 - Models and simulation of process control systems.

    Appendix A - Symbols and nomenclature for instruments.
    Appendix B - Case Studies.
    Appendix C - Sensors, Transmitters and Control Valves.
    Appendix D - A computer program to find polynomial roots.
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