Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer – Frank P. Incropera – 6th Edition


Manual Solution from the Book of Heat and Mass Transfer – Incropera – 6th Edition. It completely covers the curriculum of the heat transfer subject in undergraduate and can be used for postgraduate studies.

Open problems have been added illustrating the practical applications of heat transfer with statements similar to those faced by engineers in the real world, where the statement of the problem does not contain all the information needed to solve it.

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction.
    Chapter 2. Introduction to Conduction.
    Chapter 3. One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction.
    Chapter 4. Two-dimensional, Steady-State Conduction.
    Chapter 5. Transient Conduction.
    Chapter 6. Introduction to Convection.
    Chapter 7. External Flow.
    Chapter 8. Internal Flow.
    Chapter 9. Free Convection.
    Chapter 10. Boiling and Condensation.
    Chapter 11. Heat Exchangers.
    Chapter 12. Radiation: Processes and Properties.
    Chapter 13. Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces.
    Chapter 14. Diffusion Mass Transfer.

    Appendix A: Thermophysical Properties of Matter.
    Appendix B: Mathematical Relations and Functions.
    Appendix C: Thermal Conditions Associated with Uniform Energy Generation in One-Dimensional, Steady-State Systems.
    Appendix D: Graphical Representation of One-Dimensional, Transient Conduction in the Plane Wall, Long Cylinder, and Sphere.
    Appendix E: The Convection Transfer Equations.
    Appendix F: An Integral Laminar Boundary Layer Solution for Parallel Flow Over a Flat Plate.
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