Digital Image Processing – Gonzalez, Woods – 1st Edition


A comprehensive digital image processing book that reflects new trends in this field such as document image compression and data compression standards.

The book includes a complete rewrite of image data compression, a new chapter on image analysis, and a new section on image morphology.

For courses in Image Processing and Computer Vision. Completely self-contained-and heavily illustrated-this introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for digital image processing is written at a level that truly is suitable for seniors and first-year graduate students in almost any technical discipline.

The leading textbook in its field for more than twenty years, it continues its cutting-edge focus on contemporary developments in all mainstream areas of image processing-e.g., image fundamentals, image enhancement in the spatial and frequency domains, restoration, color image processing, wavelets, image compression, morphology, segmentation, image description, and the fundamentals of object recognition. It focuses on material that is fundamental and has a broad scope of application.

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  • 1. Introduction
    2. Fundamentals
    3. Intensity transformations and spatial filtering
    4. Frequency domain processing
    5. Image restoration
    6. Color image processing
    7. Wavelets
    8. Image compression
    9. Morphological image processing
    10. Image segmentation
    11. Representation and description
    12. Object recognition
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