Big Data Analytics Made Easy – Y. Lakshmi Prasad – 1st Edition


Big Data Analytics Made Easy is a must-read for everybody as it explains the power of Analytics in a simple and logical way along with an end to end code in R. Even if you are a novice in Big Data Analytics, you will still be able to understand the concepts explained in this book. If you are already working in Analytics and dealing with Big Data, you will still find this book useful, as it covers exhaustive Data Mining Techniques, which are considered to be Advanced topics.

It covers Machine Learning concepts and provides in-depth knowledge on unsupervised as well as supervised Learning, which is very important for decision-making. The toughest Data Analytics concepts are made simpler, It features examples from all the domains so that the reader gets connected to the book easily. This book is like a personal trainer that will help you master the Art of Data Science.

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    1. Preface

    2. Authors Note

    3. Acknoweldgements

    4. Introduction to Big Data Analytics

    5. Getting started with

    6. Data Exploration

    7. Data Preparation

    8. Statistical Thinking

    9. Market Basket Analysis

    10. Kernel Density Estimation

    11. Regression

    12. Logistic Regression

    13. Decision Trees

    14. KNearest Neighbor Classification

    15. Bayesian Classifiers

    16. Neural Networks

    17. Introduction to Machine Learning

    18. Dimensionality Reduction

    19. Clustering

    20. Support Vector Machines

    21. Ensemble Learning

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