Arduino Robotics – John-David Warren, Josh Adams, Harald Molle – 1st Edition


his will show you how to use your Arduino to a variety of different , while providing step-by-step instructions on the entire process. You'll learn Arduino basics as well as the characteristics of different types of motors used in .

You also discover controller and failsafe methods, and learn how to apply them to your . The book starts with basic robots and moves into more projects, including a GPS-enabled robot, a robotic lawn mower, a fighting bot, and even a DIY Segway-clone.

– Introduction to the Arduino and other components needed for robotics
– Learn how to build motor
– Build bots from simple line-following and bump-sensor bots to more complex robots that can mow your lawn, do battle, or even take you for a ride

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  • 1. The Basics
    2. Arduino for Robotics
    3. Let’s Get Moving
    4. Linus the Line-Bot
    5. Wally the Wall-Bot
    6. Making PCBs
    7. The Bug-Bot
    8. Explorer-Bot
    9. RoboBoat
    10. Lawn-Bot 400
    11. The Seg-Bot
    12. The Battle-Bot
    13. Alternate Contro
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