Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing – Mikell P. Groover – 2nd Edition


Most books introducing manufacturing processes focus almost exclusively on metals. Although metals are certainly important, other materials such as ceramics, polymers and silicon compounds; are increasingly important as today’s manufacturing materials in engineering.

The second edition of Foundations of Modern Manufacturing provides a comprehensive treatment of these other materials and their processing, without sacrificing their solid metal coverage and metal treatment. In addition, new sections have been added on a variety of topics including high speed machining and nanofabrication.

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  • 1 Introduction.
    2 Nature of materials.
    3 Mechanical properties of materials.
    4 Physical properties of materials.
    5 Dimensions, tolerance and surfaces.
    6 Friction, wear and lubrication.
    7 Metals.
    8 Heat treatment of metals.
    9 Ceramic materials.
    10 Polymers.
    11 Composite materials.
    12 Foundations of the function of metals.
    13 Metal smelting processes.
    14 Working in glass.
    14 Forming processes for plastics.
    15 Rubber processing technology.
    16 Forming processes for composite materials in polymer matrix.
    17 Powder metallurgy.
    19 Processing of ceramic products and cermets.
    20 Foundations of metal forming.
    21 Mass deformation in metal processing.
    22 Processing of sheet metal.
    23 Theory of metal machining.
    24 Technology of cutting tools.
    25 Machining operations and machine tools.
    26 Grinding and other abrasive processes.
    27 Non-traditional processes of machining and thermal cutting.
    28 Basics of welding.
    29 Welding processes.
    30 Strong welding, soft soldering, and adhesive bonding.
    31 Mechanical assembly.
    32 Cleaning and surface treatment.
    33 Coating and deposition process.
    34 Processing of integrated circuits.
    35 Assembly of electronic products and encapsulation.
    36 Production lines.
    37 Programmable automation.
    38 Flexible manufacturing groups and systems technology.
    39 Manufacturing engineering.
    40 Production planning and control.
    41 Measurement and inspection.
    42 Quality control.
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