Fundamentals of Corporate Finance – Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers – 5th Edition


Fundamentals of , by Richard A. Brealey, C. Myers and Alan J. Marcus, has been applauded for its and interesting examples. Professors praise the authors’ well-organized and thoughtful style and their clear exposition of what many consider difficult material.

The authors accomplish this without sacrificing an up-to-date, technically correct treatment of core topic areas. Since this author team is known for their outstanding , teaching efforts, and market-leading finance , it’s no surprise that they have created an innovative and market- revision that is more friendly than ever. Every chapter has been reviewed and revised to reflect the current environment in corporate finance.

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  • Primera parte. Valor
    Segunda Parte. Riesgo
    Tercera parte. Mejores prácticas en el presupuesto de capital
    Cuarta parte. Las decisiones de financiamiento y la eficiencia de mercado
    Quinta parte. La política de pagos de dividendos y la estructura de capital
    Sexta parte. Opciones
    Séptima parte. Financiamiento por deuda
    Octava parte. Administración de riesgos
    Novena parte. La planeación financiera y la administración del capital de trabajo
    Décima parte. Fusiones, control corporativo y gobierno
    Undécima parte. Conclusión.
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