Fundamentals of Corporate Finance – Richard A. Brealey – 4th Edition


The Brealey author team is world renowned for outstanding research and teaching, as well as for writing market-leading finance textbooks. The authors’ writing style and approach to the topic of corporate finance is relaxed and readable, which makes the content especially approachable for students.

The focus of the text is on applying modern finance and providing students with a working ability to make financial decisions. The authors do not assume that the students have any background knowledge in finance and therefore provide written examples and in-depth explanations to help students become familiar with the material.

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  • Part One: Introduction
    Ch. 1 The Firm and the Financial Manager
    Ch. 2 The Financial Environment
    Ch. 3 Accounting and Finance

    Part Two: Value
    Ch. 4 The Time Value of Money
    Ch. 5 Valuing Bonds
    Ch. 6 Valuing Stocks
    Ch. 7 Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria
    Ch. 8 Using Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis to Make Investment Decisions
    Ch. 9 Project Analysis

    Part Three: Risk
    Ch. 10 Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Opportunity Cost of Capital
    Ch. 11 Risk, Return, and Capital Budgeting
    Ch. 12 The Cost of Capital

    Part Four: Financing
    Ch. 13 An Overview of Corporate Financing
    Ch. 14 How Corporations Issue Securities

    Part Five: Capital Structure and Dividend Policy
    Ch. 15 Debt Policy
    Ch. 16 Dividend Policy

    Part Six: Financial Planning
    Ch. 17 Financial Statement Analysis
    Ch. 18 Financial Planning
    Ch. 19 Working Capital Management and Short-Term Planning

    Part Seven: Short-term Financial Decisions
    Ch. 20 Cash and Inventory Management
    Ch. 21 Credit Management and Bankruptcy

    Part Eight: Selected Topics
    Ch. 22 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Control
    Ch. 23 International Financial Management
    Ch. 24 Options
    Ch. 25 Risk Management

    Part Nine: Conclusion
    Ch. 26 What We Do and Do Not Know About Finance
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