Fundamentals in Nuclear Physics – Jean-Louis Basdevant, James Rich, Michael Spiro – 1st Edition


Covers all the phenomenological and experimental data on nuclear physics and demonstrates the latest experimental developments that can be obtained.

Introduces modern theories of fundamental processes, in particular the electroweak standard model, without using the sophisticated underlying quantum field theoretical tools.

Incorporates all major present applications of nuclear physics at a level that is both understandable by a majority of physicists and scientists of many other fields, and usefull as a first introduction for students who intend to pursue in the domain.

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  • Basic concepts in nuclear physics.
    - Nuclear models and stability.
    - Nuclear reactions.
    - Nuclear decays and fundamental interactions.
    - Radioactivity and all that.
    - Fission.
    - Fusion.
    - Nuclear Astrophysics.
    - Nuclear Cosmology.
  • Citation

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