University Physics with Modern Physics – Sears and Zemansky’s – 13th Edition


University Physics with Modern Physics, Thirteenth Edition continues to set the benchmark for clarity and rigor combined with effective teaching and research-based innovation.
University Physics is known for its uniquely broad, deep, and thoughtful set of worked examples—key tools for developing both physical understanding and problem-solving skills. The Thirteenth Edition revises all the Examples and Problem-Solving Strategies to be more concise and direct while maintaining the Twelfth Edition’s consistent, structured approach and strong focus on modeling as well as math.

To help students tackle challenging as well as routine problems, the Thirteenth Edition adds Bridging Problems to each chapter, which poses a difficult, multiconcept problem and provide a skeleton solution guide in the form of questions and hints.
The text’s rich problem sets—developed and refined over six decades—are upgraded to include larger numbers of problems that are biomedically oriented or require calculus.

Complementing the clear and accessible text, the figures use a simple graphic style that focuses on the physics. They also incorporate explanatory annotations—a technique demonstrated to enhance learning.

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  • Mechanics.
    1. Units, Physical Quantities, and Vectors.
    2. Motion Along a Straight Line.
    3. Motion in Two or Three Dimensions.
    4. Newton's Laws of Motion.
    5. Applying Newton's Laws.
    6. Work and Kinetic Energy.
    7. Potential Energy and Energy Conservation.
    8. Momentum, Impulse, and Collisions.
    9. Rotation of Rigid Bodies.
    10. Dynamics of Rotational Motion.
    11. Equilibrium and Elasticity.
    12. Gravitation.
    13. Periodic Motion.
    14. Fluid Mechanics.

    15. Mechanical Waves.
    16. Sound and Hearing.

    17. Temperature and Heat.
    18. Thermal Properties of Matter.
    19. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
    20. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

    21. Electric Charge and Electric Field.
    22. Gauss's Law.
    23. Electric Potential.
    24. Capacitance and Dielectrics.
    25. Current, Resistance, and Electromotive Force.
    26. Direct-Current Circuits.
    27. Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces.
    28. Sources of Magnetic Field.
    29. Electromagnetic Induction.
    30. Inductance.
    31. Alternating Current.
    32. Electromagnetic Waves.
    33. The Nature and Propagation of Light.
    34. Geometric Optics and Optical Instruments.
    35. Interference.
    36. Diffraction.
    Modern Physics.
    37. Relativity.
    38. Quantum Physics I: Photons, Electrons, and Atoms.
    39. Quantum Physics II: The Wave Nature of Particles.
    40. Quantum Physics III: Quantum Mechanics.
    41. Atomic Structure.
    42. Molecules and Condensed Matter.
    43. Nuclear Physics.
    44. Particle Physics and Cosmology.
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