Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers – Stephen T. Thornton, Andrew Rex – 3rd Edition


Learn about the latest discoveries in physics with MODERN PHYSICS. This book offers a contemporary and comprehensive approach to physics with a strong emphasis on applications to help you see how concepts in the book relate to the real world. Discussions on the experiments that led to certain key discoveries illustrate the process behind scientific advances and give you a historical perspective. The book also provides a solid foundation in quantum theory to help you understand more advanced physics concepts.

Is it a physics text or a history text? This book is all over the place. There’s a lot of storytelling about the history of modern physics and then, almost as if by accident, there will be some actual physics. It doesn’t do very well at explaining either, making this a very frustrating textbook to try to read.

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  • 1. The birth of modern physics.
    2. Special theory of relativity.
    3. The experimental basis of quantum theory.
    4. Structure of the atom.
    5. Wave properties of matter and quantum mechanics i.
    6. Quantum mechanics i.
    7. The hydrogen atom.
    8. Atomic physics.
    9. Statistical physics.
    10. Molecules and solids.
    11. Semiconductor theory and devices.
    12. The atomic nucleus.
    13. Nuclear interactions and applications.
    14. Elementary particles.
    15. General relativity.
    16. Cosmology -- the beginning and the end.
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