Experiments in Electronics Fundamentals and Electric Circuits Fundamentals – David Buchla – 4th Edition


This laboratory manual is designed to be used with Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices, and Applications, 4th edition and Electronics circuits fundamental, 4th edition, by Thomas Floyd. Following the experiments designed for a specific chapter of Floyd’s texts are the Application Assignment and Checkup. These pages are desgned to be removed from the book submission. The Application Assignment begins with an answer page for the student to complete from the application problem given in each of Floyd’s chapters.

Each Application Assignment includes a Related Experiment, which adds a problem requiring a laboratory solution. The Checkup begins with ten multiple choice questions and includes questions and problems form the text and the laboratory work.

While this manual is specifically designed to follow the sequence of Floyd’s Electronics Fundamentals and Electronics Circuits Fundamentals texts, it can be used with other texts by ignoring the references. The experiments work equally well for schools using electron flow or conventional current flow as no specific reference to either is made in the experiments.

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    • Introduction to the Student
    • Reference Guide to Laboratory Instruments
    • Metric Prefixes, Scientific Notation, and Graphing
    • Laboratory Meters and Power Supply
    • Measurement of Resistance
    • Voltage Measurement and Circuit Ground
    • Ohm’s Law
    • Power in DC Circuits
    • Series Circuits
    • The Voltage Divider
    • Parallel Circuits
    • Series-Parallel Combination Circuits
    • The Superposition Theorem
    • Thevenin’s Theorem
    • The Wheatstone Bridge
    • Magnetic Devices
    • The Oscilloscope
    • Sine Wave Measurements
    • Pulse Measurements
    • Capacitors
    • Capacitive Reactance
    • Inductors
    • Inductive Reactance
    • Transformers
    • Series RC Circuits
    • Parallel RC Circuits
    • Series RL Circuits
    • Parallel RL Circuits
    • Series Resonance
    • Parallel Resonance
    • Passive Filters
    • Integrating and Differentiating Circuits
    • Diode Characteristics
    • Rectifier Circuits
    • Diode Limiting and Clamping Circuits
    • Bipolar Transistors
    • Field-Effect Transistors
    • The SCR
    • The UJT
    • The Common-Emitter Amplifier
    • The Common-Collector Amplifier
    • FET Amplifiers
    • The Push-Pull Amplifier
    • Oscillators
    • The Differential Amplifier
    • Op-Amp Characteristics
    • Linear Op-Amp Circuits
    • Nonlinear Op-Amp Circuits
    • The Wien Bridge Oscillator
    • Active Filters
  • Citation
    • Full Title: Experiments in Electronics Fundamentals and Electric Circuits Fundamentals
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0137371640
    • ISBN-13: 9780137371648
    • Edition: 4th Edition
    • Publication date: 1997
    • Topic: Electrical
    • Subtopic: Circuit Analysis
    • File Type: eBook
    • Idioma: English

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