Engineering Your Future – William C. Oakes, Les L. Leone, Craig J. Gunn – 6th Edition


Students cannot make an educated decision about what career to pursue without adequate information. This Comprehensive Version from the Engineering Your Future series provides a broad introduction to the study and practice of engineering. It presents vital information in an interesting and easy-to-read manner.

Engineering Your Future has been developed with the following goals and objectives:

* To introduce students to the broad spectrum of the engineering profession.
* To encourage students to explore the challenges, problems, issues, and functions of the various engineering fields.
* To provide students with a perspective of the necessary written and oral communication skills used by engineers.
* To introduce students to the professional character and ethical responsibility of engineers.
* To provide students with an awareness of historic engineering developments and their impact on society.
* To introduce students to the global scope of the present-day engineering community.
* To present problem solving skills that will aid in the success of students in the classroom.
* To assist students in applying common computer software, useful in their studies.
* To introduce students to a design methodology for use in subsequent design courses.
* To provide students with the latest statistics relative to the engineering community.

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  • The World of Engineering
    1. The History of Engineering
    2. Engineering Majors
    3. Profiles of Working Engineers
    4. A Statistical Profile of the Profession
    5. Global and International Engineering
    6. Future Challenges

    Studying Engineering
    7. Succeeding in the Classroom
    8. Problem-Solving
    9. Visualization and Graphics
    10. Computer Tools for Engineers
    11. Teamwork Skills
    12. Project Management
    13. Engineering Design
    14. Communication Skills
    15. The Ethics of Engineering

    The Fundamentals of Engineering
    16. Units and Conversions
    17. Mathematics Review
    18. Engineering Fundamentals

    The Engineer on Campus
    19. The Campus Experience
    20. Financial Aid
    21. Engineering Work Experience
    22. Connections: Liberal Arts and Engineering

    Appendix A: The Basics of PowerPoint Appendix B: An Introduction to MATLAB
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