Designing and Building Fuel Cells – Colleen Spiegel – 1st Edition


Designing and Building Fuel Cells equips you with a hands-on guide for the design, modeling, and construction of fuel cells that perform as well or better than some of the best fuel cells on the market today.

Filled with over 120 illustrations and schematics of fuel cells and components, this “one-stop” guide covers fuel cell applications…fuels and the hydrogen economy…fuel cell chemistry, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry…fuel cell modeling, materials, and system design…fuel types, delivery, and processing…fuel cell operating conditions…fuel cell characterization…and much more.

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    1. Introduction
    2. Fuel Cell Applications
    3. Fuel Cells and the Hydrogen Economy
    4. Basic Fuel Cell Chemistry and Thermodynamics
    5. Fuel Cell Electrochemistry
    6. Fuel Cell Charge Transport
    7. Fuel Cell Mass Transport
    8. Fuel Cell Heat Transport
    9. Fuel Cell Modeling
    10. Fuel Cell Materials
    11. Fuel Cell Stack Components and Materials
    12. Fuel Cell Stack Design
    13. Fuel Cell System Design
    14. Fuel Types, Delivery, and Processing
    15. Fuel Cell Operating Conditions
    16. Fuel Cell Characterization

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