Engineering Fluid Mechanics – Clayton T. Crowe – 7th Edition


This reader-friendly book fosters a strong conceptual understanding of fluid flow phenomena through lucid physical descriptions, photographs, clear illustrations and fully worked example problems.

More than 1,100 problems, including open-ended design problems and computer-oriented problems, provide an opportunity to apply fluid mechanics principles. Throughout, the authors have meticulously reviewed all problems, solutions, and text material to ensure accuracy.

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    1. Fluid Properties.

    2. Fluid Statics.

    3. Fluids in Motion.

    4. Pressure Variation in Flowing Fluids.

    5. Momentum Principle.

    6. Energy Principle.

    7. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude.

    8. Surface Resistance.

    9. Flow in Conduits.

    10. Drag and Lift.

    11. Compressible Flow.

    12. Flow Measurements.

    13. Turbomachinery.

    14. Varied Flow in Open Channels.

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