Essential College Physics – Serway, Vuille – 1st Edition


Essential College Physics is a streamlined version of Serway’s market-leading College Physics text, using the same clear and logical presentation of the concepts and principles but providing a slimmer and more affordable alternative for instructors looking to focus on the core concepts.

By integrating the guiding principles of physics education research and including unique just-in-time quantitative problem-solving features, the text strikes a balance between problem-solving support and conceptual understanding. “Math Focus” boxes and a unique “Math Appendix” provide your students with an opportunity to master their numerical problem-solving skills and then connect those skills to concrete physics applications. “Quick Quiz” and “Checkpoint” questions provide students with ample opportunity to test their conceptual understanding, while “Tips” boxes help students avoid common misconceptions. And all “Worked Examples” feature a two-column format, explaining each step of the solution both conceptually and quantitatively.

The innovative technology program is perfectly tailored to support any course design. All end-of-chapter problems, worked examples, checkpoints and quick quizzes are available in WebAssign (enhanced with hints and feedback), allowing instructors to securely create and administer homework assignments in an interactive online environment. For instructors utilizing classroom response technology, a complete suite of questions, pre-formatted in PowerPoint, is available to support the JoinIn™ on TurningPoint interactive lecture solution, or the “clicker” software of your choosing.

The text’s flexible, accessible, and focused presentation, coupled with an extraordinary technology program, gives students and instructors the tools they need to succeed.

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  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Motion in One Dimension.
    3. Vectors and Two-Dimensional Motion.
    4. The Laws of Motion.
    5. Energy.
    6. Momentum and Collisions.
    7. Rotational Motion and the Law of Gravity.
    8. Rotational Equilibrium and Rotational Dynamics.
    9. Solids and Fluids.
    10. Thermal Physics.
    11. Energy in Thermal Processes.
    12. The Laws of Thermodynamics.
    13. Vibrations and Waves.
    14. Sound.
    15. Electric Forces and Electric Fields.
    16. Electrical Energy and Capacitance.
    17. Current and Resistance.
    18. Direct Current Circuits.
    19. Magnetism.
    20. Induced Voltages and Inductance.
    21. Alternating Current Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves.
    22. Reflection and Refraction of Light.
    23. Mirrors and Lenses.
    24. Wave Optics.
    25. Optical Instruments.
    26. Relativity.
    27. Quantum Physics.
    28. Atomic Physics.
    29. Nuclear Physics.
    30. Nuclear Energy and Elementary Particles.
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