Fluid Transients – E. Benjamin Wylie & Victor Streeter – 1st Edition


Since publication of the predecessor to this book (Hydraulic Transient, McGraw Hill book company, 1967) much work has been carried out and many advances have been made in digital computation of fluid flow. In this revision and update, the scope has been broadened to include material beyond basic waterhammer analysis, necessitating the adoption of a modified tittle Fluid Transients.

The coverage is intended both for practicing engineers and for academic instruction. The contents have been used for a two-semester course sequence in transient engineering education for practicing enginners.

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  • Chapter 1: Fluid transient flow concepts
    Chapter 2: Basic differential equations for transient flow
    Chapter 3: Solution by characteristics method
    Chapter 4: Algebraic and graphical waterhammer
    Chapter 5: Additional boundary conditions and systems elements
    Chapter 6: Transients caused by turbopumps
    Chapter 7: Governed turbines
    Chapter 8: Column separation, air relese, and entrapped air
    Chapter 9: Valve stroking
    Chapter 10: Methods for controlling transients
    Chapter 11: Liquid transmission and distribution systems
    Chapter 12: Equations for oscillatory flow
    Chapter 13: Free vibrations and resonance
    Chapter 14: Reciprocating pumps
    Chapter 15: Natural gas pipeline transients
    Chapter 16: Open-Channel transient flow
    Chapter 17: Special topics
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