Fluid Mechanics – Victor Streeter – 9th Edition


The ninth edition of this most acclaimed book includes heat and mass transport coverage and presents complex problem solutions in Microsoft Excel. The useful division of the book into two parts, the first on fundamentals and the second on applications, helps learner grasp and correlate the theory and applications in most systematic way.

In the revision of this very successful text, many changes have been made in scope, organization, and required prerequisite skills. The authors have increased the scope of the book to include heat and mass transport. BASIC programs have been removed and complex problem solutions are now presented in Microsoft Excel. There is also a new website that will contain substantial information on computing, principal files, and tutorials on the use of MatLab and Mathematica.

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  • <strong>Part 1 : Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and Transport</strong>
    1. Fluid Properties
    2. Fluid Statics
    3. Fluid Flow Concepts and Basic Control Volume Equations
    4. Basic Governing Differential Equations
    5. Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similitude
    6. Viscous Flow: Pipes and Channels
    7. External Flows
    8. Ideal-Fluid Flow
    9. Transport by Advection and Diffusion

    <strong>Part 2 : Applications of Fluid Mechanics and Transport</strong>
    10. Measurements
    11. Turbomachinery
    12. Closed-Conduit Flow
    13. Flow in Open Channels
    14. Applications of Transport Phenomena

    A. Force Systems, Moments, and Centroids
    B. Computer Programming Aids
    C. Physical Properties of Fluids
    D. Variable Notation
    E. Vector Operations and Notations
    F. Answers to Even Numbered Problems

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