Satellite Communication – Timothy Pratt, Charles Bostian – 2nd Edition


First published in 1986, Satellite Communications is unique in focusing on the principles behind satellite communication systems rather than the encyclopedic range of specific systems. Continued in the completely updated Second Edition, this approach allows students to fully master the concepts that govern how a satellite communication system transfers information. In the Second Edition, a new author, Jeremy Allnut, has joined the team, four new chapters have been added covering important new topics, and many more worked examples are included.

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  • Introduction
    Orbital Mechanics and Launchers
    Satellite Link Design
    Modulation and Multiplexing Techniques for Satellite Links
    Multiple Access
    Error Control for Digital Satellite Links
    Propagation Effects and their Impact on Satellite-Earth Links
    Vsat Systems
    Low Earth Orbit and Non-Geostationary Satellite Systems
    Direct Broadcast Satellite Television and Radio
    Satellite Navigation and the Global Positioning System

    Appendix A Decibels in Communications Engineering
    Appendix B FDM/FM/FDMA Analog Telephone Transmission
    Appendix C Complementary Error Function erfc(x) and Q Function Q(z)
    Appendix D The Simple Attenuation Model
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